Snow Plowing


Gerlach's currently maintains a wide variety of commercial accounts. No job is too big or small; we have the right equipment to meet your needs. For small parking lot plowing, we use skid steers and four wheelers with rubber edges. For large parking lots, our wheel loaders and 4x4 backhoes equipped with box plows from 10' to 24' in length will make short work out of the snow removal. All of our trucks are equipped with commercial duty plows ranging from 7 ½' to 10' for any size parking lot. Radios with our own private frequency are also equipped on our trucks and loaders.

We have crew leaders for each area that monitor their specific lots to ensure a consistent quality of service. We have several meetings before each session to make sure that our crews are familiar with the parking lots and know where the snow is to be pushed. Each crew member meets on the lots and installs stakes around the property to protect the curbs and landscapes, which is included at no extra charge. We offer a service that cares about your property and give you the extra attention that you deserve.

Here are our other snow services salting, snow stacking and hauling and sidewalks.

We monitor the weather and are prepared for storms before they happen. Trucks are loaded and on the road to be proactive. 90% of slip and falls occur with less than an inch of snow on the ground.
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