With over 25 years snow plowing experience in the Erie, Pennsylvania area, Gerlach's can tailor our services to each customer. Billing can be done weekly or monthly to fit the customer needs. All invoices are detailed and describe exactly what services were provided on each day. This keeps all the information in the open and minimizes confusion on the bill. Multiple year contracts are available so you can lock your prices in with no increases what so ever. Call 1-800-399-2363 today to have a free estimate and site consultation to determine which contract will serve you the best.

We offer three different contract prices:

Seasonal Contract

A seasonal contract is a great way for a company to budget the winter services for the whole year. It provides a set cost for plowing, salting, and sidewalks for the entire season. Each seasonal contract is tailored to meet the customer requirements for their location. We use data that have been compiled over the years to create the seasonal pricing.

Per Time Contract

A per time contract provides a cost for each time a service is performed at a location. The price is set for each service offered and then you only get billed for the service that is performed.

Per Hour Contract

Hourly contracts depend on the time and materials needed to complete the job. Hourly rates and material prices are set and the customer is charged based on the time and materials used to finish the job.