Q. When is it safe to plant annuals in our area?
A. We recommend planting the last week of May.

Q. What is the difference between bark and mulch?
A. Mulch is the generic term for the product used to cover flower beds, while
   bark is a type of mulch that you could use.

Q. How much does 1 yard cover?
A. 1 yard covers a 10 x 10 square foot area about 2-3 inches deep.

Q. How many bags of mulch does it take to cover 1 yard?
A. If you are using 2 cubic foot bags you will need 13 1/2 bags and if you are
   using 3 cubic foot bags you will need 9 bags.

Q. When do you water hanging baskets?
A. Every day in the morning. NEVER during the night, and avoid watering mid afternoon
   when the sun is the hottest.

Q. Why should you not water at night? Why not mid afternoon?
A. Watering at night promotes diseases and/or fungus to grow that can cause
   harm to the plants. Watering mid afternoon can cause the plants to
   become sun burnt.

Q. What kind of rock do you use under a shed?
A. You will want to use 411 stone, which is a packing gravel.

Q. Do you service all brands of equipment?
A. Yes, our power equipment center services all brands of equipment.

Q. Can you get parts for any brand of equipment?
A. We can get parts for most brands of equipment. For a list of brands see our
suppliers page.

Q. Do you sharpen lawnmower and chainsaw blades?
A. Yes, we sharpen blades, usually with next day service at our power equipment

Q. Do you have a pickup and delivery service?
A. Yes, we have a pickup and delivery service; there is a fee for this.

Q. Are you open year round?
A. We are open year round. We are open 7 days a week April thru December, and
   closed Sundays January thru March. All store hours are subject to change. For
   store hours of both stores, please see store locations.