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Snow Services

Gerlach’s has been servicing the Erie, PA businesses for over 25 years. Known for our prompt and efficient snow removal service, we have proudly built a reputation in the Erie area. We offer full winter commercial snow plowing and snow removal for our customers. Fully equipped with wheel loaders, skid steers, plow trucks, salt trucks and snow shoveling crews, Gerlach's can handle any job even if it is a onetime emergency! We have full-time year round snow professionals that manage your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our main priority is to maintain zero tolerance for snow and ice on all properties we service. Gerlach's offers all snow services for businesses, including: snow plowing, salting, snow stacking/hauling and sidewalks. Call 1-800-399-2363 today for a free estimate!

With Gerlach's experience and state of the art equipment, we can bring the very best in snow removal services. Gerlach's is fully insured, carrying full general liability up to $2 million (auto and workers compensation coverage). We are centrally located in the Erie area allowing for a quick response time. Our crews and equipment are available to be dispatched 24 hours a day including holidays. From small parking lots to large lots, we have the right machine for the job.

Each year, over one million Americans seek emergency room treatment from accidental falls, 300,000 of these people suffer debilitating injuries, and another 12,000 die from their injuries. In fact, slip and fall injuries rank second to automobile accidents. 90% of all slip and falls during snow storms occur when there is less than 1 inch of snow on the ground. Keeping sidewalks clear can save businesses money; fewer accidents mean lower insurance rates. Our first priority on every job is to maintain safe surfaces for customers and employees.

Gerlach's Snow Service specializes in winter services tailored for:
Corporate Office Buildings
Retail Shopping Centers
Industrial Properties
Large Parking Areas
Healthcare Facilities
Sports Complexes
Apartment Complexes
Condo Associations