Landscaping - Maintenance

Great beds begin with regular maintenance which Gerlach's Landscape Service can provide. This may involve annual weed control, mulching, pruning and trimming of shrubs.

Gerlach's can greatly improve your flower and shrub beds by combining the right fertilizer and soil mix. Contact landscaping for a soil test.

Maintaining a nice lawn requires proper fertilization, watering, insect and disease control, aeration, and thatch control. Fertilization along with insect and disease control are applied to the grass for a thick, healthy lawn. Thatch control is best performed in the spring or fall, with fall being the best time of year for lawn work. When thatch (grass clippings) approaches or exceeds the "threshold" of 1/2-inch thick, it becomes necessary to employ physical thatch removal to ensure proper growth of your lawn. Aeration of your lawn should be performed in the spring and or fall. It helps prevent thatch buildup, improves the penetration of fertilizer and lime, and allows the soil to "breathe".

Now that your lawn is healthy, you will need to maintain its beauty. Your grass needs 3” blades to complete photosynthesis. When your grass is cut too low, it grows very rapidly in order to make more blades which produce sugar. This fast growth uses up most of its stored sugar which in turn weakens the plant and makes it vulnerable to disease and pests! Let the mowing professionals at Gerlach's take proper care of your lawn so that you can just sit back and enjoy it while saving you time and money! Contact Gerlach's today for a free lawn analysis!